data engineering

How Consolidated Data Contributed to Create a 360 Customer Experience for an Insurance Group


An international insurance company was looking to build a 360 customer experience.


Digitisation in insurance has many faces. While manual tasks are being replaced for automated ones, from a customer perspective,  there are many needs that are yet left untapped, from speed of service, via a  fully digital experience, to seamless integration of products.

The players who will be able to provide an intuitive  consumer interface coupled with a superior level of service will stand out.  Our client was looking to provide a 360 customer experience. Moving to this  objective meant getting a consolidated overview of data throughout the  business lines and departments to get valuable information about individual  clients and their behavioural habits.


Reaching the 360 Customer experience objective, we came up with a complete suite of data-driven decision-making solutions.
While building an algorithm, we first worked on consolidating data.
Then, our Research department built a graph dashboard capable of hosting millions of customer data while giving a comprehensive, up-to-date view of customers and their policies.
To manage such a large volume of data spread in diverse business lines and departments, we used a distributed architecture.
Finally, we designed a segmentation tool and a customer-centric recommendation system based on preferences and habits. Making predictions, this solution ultimately improves up-selling and cross-selling strategies.