Large companies trying to innovate in IT are like gigantic ships trying to safely sail through a maze of rocks. EURA NOVA is the tugboat that brings them on the right route at the right pace.

We help each vessel with a tailored approach:

  • Expert Consultancy for familiar routes.
  • Solution Delivery where we take control of everything.
  • Innovation Advisory to consider new options with the crew. What if some rocks could be moved, or even removed? What if the boat could fly?
Expert Consultancy

Expert Consultancy

How does it work?

During our first meeting, you give us the whole picture of your situation:
your challenges, your background, your constraints, and your dreams
for future developments.

On this basis, we come up with targeted proposals based on your priorities
to ensure quick and sustained return on investment.

One of our consultants then joins your team and helps setting up the solution
we designed together. We work in a holistic and organic fashion, constantly
keeping in touch with your needs and evolution.

BUT that's not all: our experts stand on the shoulders of giants. They are supported
by a great back-office, a technological watch, and a wide network of IT aficionados.

Solution delivery

Solution Delivery

How does it work?

During our first meeting, you give us the whole picture of your project:
your challenges, your background, your constraints, your current technologies,
and your dreams for future growth.

On this basis, EURA NOVA comes up with a proposal based on the requirements
you defined and we fine-tune it together.

Our team develops a prototype which will be the foundation stone
for building up your project and taking it to completion.

The building up takes place in iterations, where we constantly interact,
adapt and adjust to changes in your needs, your market, and new technologies.
This Agile approach is favoured by EURA NOVA to ensure delivery
on time, budget and quality.

Studies keep showing that traditional methods for IT projects have failed to meet client
expectations in over 60% of cases. We strongly recommend the Agile approach based
on our success stories. Naturally, we are always willing to adapt to our customers'
preferred working methods.

So, how does your ROI roll out and where does EURA NOVA make a difference, then?
We quickly deliver a working solution that grows with your business.

Innovation advisory

Innovation Advisory

How does it work?

We all know that an amazing number of IT breakthroughs are changing the way
businesses operate as well as society as a whole. A revolution is going on.

How can you be among the first to anticipate changes and to make the best choices?
Being informed upstream is the key. We provide you with information, knowledge,
and know-how.

Here are a few examples.

IT R&D Camp

Would you like your staff to become more proficient with cutting-edge technologies?

Come and stay with us: EURA NOVA can act as a PhD/MBA-type coaching provider
for your in-house professionals. At the end of the day, you get back better-skilled
employees, and/or a publication in a scientific journal, and/or a better view on current
technologies relevant to your market, and/or new products or prototypes of your own.

Tailored R&D Watch

Do you want to be able to anticipate and manage the ever changing IT world?

To help you stay ahead, we meet you to discuss your areas of interest, whether business
or technology driven. Based on this, we provide you with a state-of-the-art report.
Our R&D team then sets up a watch to monitor the latest developments in your area
of interest. When advances are identified, we produce a new report and call a meeting
with you. This aims at keeping you informed – and possibly coached –
about how to best deal with new developments.

In this way, you stay on board the IT-TGV.

EURA NOVA's Interactive Talks

Do you sometimes feel confined by a lack of knowledge
about the amazing new virtual era?

This new world is so vast that people don't often know how much it can do for them.
EURA NOVA does not have that limitation: its experts have the knowledge
and the unrestrained imagination to take you beyond what you might imagine.

Maybe you already are aware that the world has entered a new era
but don't necessarily know how to best benefit from this.

Learn how by inviting us to your premises for tailor-made information sessions
and interactive training sessions, including presentations and workshops.

Are you into nooks & crannies? Check out our R&D website!